The Eternal City

Alexandria II

Assasination and Exile

Aylith investigated for her target and found that Justinian had returned to his mortal connections the Lady Perpetua and her slave Felicitas. Felicitas was pregnant and Justinian visited them on a nightly basis to give them encouragement. Announcements declared that both women would be sacrificed to the lions in three days time for the crime of dishonor to the Gods. They refused to give the proper respect to the Gods and rejected their familial duty.

While this occurred Linius spent time perusing the library while Dinius began making connections in Alexandria for trade. They picked up rumors of Stryx activity but nothing so concrete as actual spotting.

A plan was developed to provoke a fight and then get tossed into the cells that would ensure Justinian meet the rising sun. This was successful and after the deaths of Perpetua and Felicias, Justininian met the sunlight, oddly with welcome arms.

Having achieved a resounding success on her mission, A. informed the coterie and they began to prepare their return trip. Fortunately for them, a missive from Julia Commitor advised them to stay put in Alexandria. A coup had occurred that ended in the proscription of their patron and many of their higher connected allies. If they returned to Rome they would be marked for death but in exile they would be left alone. Frustrated by their sudden exile and inability to affect the events the coterie settled into Alexandria.



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