The Eternal City

Escape from the Forest

Aielith and Titus remained still as the ghostly girl looked in their direction. She then wandered around the buildings. Once it seemed the coast was clear they returned to their companions. They moved to around and attempted to see if the girl was the only one, it was then that they saw a male who had glowing green eyes and a broken leg. They moved in closer to get a better look and the male was a corpse by the look of it and was also eating the innards of the corpses around.

Thinking that it was about time to report back the wind shifted around them. A screeching sound caused them to turn and now both male and female creatures with fangs bared came charging into the woods after them. Fearing the worst the coterie fled towards the safety of Vindobona. Some proved faster than others as Aielith found herself being flanked by the creatures.

Giaus turned to face the creatures and as he did so with a curse Linius pivoted to allow the others to get in front. Titus would run further ahead before realizing that the coterie had turned to engage a fighting withdrawal. Aielith growled at her pursuer who seemed stunned for a bit while the other dodged and weaved at Giaus. In the give and take of the battle the creatures seemed unaffected by the Legionaries attacks, as such they continued to move towards the fortifications of Vindobona.

As they left the woods and approached the banks of the river, things were looking dire for the Coterie. Then a trumpet blast echoed through the night as Dinius, who had ran on ahead, led a troop of cavalry that prepared to bear down on the unnatural creatures. Sensing the situation was against them the creatures fled into the woods and the coterie rescued retreated to the safety of the fort.




Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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