The Eternal City

First Nights - Part 2

The Trial

The coterie was rounded up save Dinius who was afforded house arrest. In time they were brought before the body of the Senux, the Camarilla. There they were accused of crimes of misconduct, having disrupted the party to embarrass Marcus Corbollo. They were charged with having set loose the animals below and risking great expense.

Dinius would speak on behalf of the coterie, a daring move for one so young, but he had the right by virtue of his seat. He stood after Octavius gave a stirring speech with the evidence against them. Aielith had been seen in the lower regions of the Coliseum and had obviously set the animals loose. Linius and Gaius were had been disdainful of the gathering’s host and had obviously been league with Corbollo’s opponent Julia Commitor.

Dinius stood eloquently and used gestures of piercing logic. Firstly had he not personally been negotiating with Corbollo? True Linius and Giaus had been speaking with Commitor, but to do otherwise would have been disrespectful. And the coterie was not never disrespectful. Finally, Aielith had indeed been down below but she had seen that Corbollo’s right hand aide Caius Maltinus had himself let the animals out. It was his act of betrayal that had caused the embarrassment and not the action of an innocent disinterested coterie. If any had doubt, Titus would provide an augury to demonstrate the rightness of their case.

Titus stepped forward and they brought in a goat for sacrifice. Titus took his knife out and did read from the entrails. It was clear from all in attendance, even the head of the Cult of Augurs had to agree that the augury demonstrated that the coterie were in the gods favor. Immediate calls went out to Caius who was quickly tried and convicted. He was stripped of all rank and privileges, tossed to the Perigrine Collegia.

The coterie exonerated triumphantly retreated in the Necropolis. Word reached them that night that Pollia Enapia, an ancient in the Necropolis would treat with the coterie. They were escorted to the oldest sections of the Palatine Hill. Deep in the tunnels below they met with the ancient. They mustered their courage to face her as she supped from her childer.
She was impressed with their defense and as such knew that they had made a powerful enemy in Corbollo and his backers. Commitor had no interest in them and would not risk a direct confrontation with Corbollo. But Pollia had no such limitations and was approaching a time of sleep. She needed good hands to help her children manage their affairs.

However, she had to test their resourcefulness before the pact could be cemented.
Rumors had been heard from the front of Vindobona. A full legion of the Legio Mortuum had gone missing. IF a serious threat was posed to face off against the Propinqui they needed to find out soon. The coterie was to head out to the front and find out the details of the disappearance and return. The coterie having little alternatives accepted the commission.

The next night they packed and prepared to head north our of Rome…


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