The Eternal City

In search of...

Ritual Tablets are discovered


With the Necropolis having settled into normalcy the coterie began to utilize their resources to look into the wards of the city and its ancient protections. A. tapped her web, D utilized his wealth, and L went to the libraries. They were able to uncover ancient myths that suggested that there was a ritual that was conducted at the founding that would protect the Necropolis from the enemy for 1,000 years. They searched and searched until they found a possible location. It was believed that it was being hidden and protected outside of the city proper in the unlikeliest place.

They travelled outside of Rome and crossed the Tiber River to the Vaticanus hill where a small temple devoted to the follower of Christ, Petras was located. There they found an old man who welcomed them after they assured they were not there to plunder and cause grief. It was an uncomfortable entry for most of them but the source of this unknown. They inquired of the man if he was aware of anything that might connect the object they were looking for. He did admit that there was a legend that a visitor arrived at the founding of the temple and requested they keep a tablet safe for all of eternity that the safety of Rome required it.

After searching the coterie determined to check under the alter and proceed to dig into the floor and foundation uncovering a tomb. There they found a crucified body wrapped up in burial shrouds, but underneath were two stone tablets with worn writing in a language unfamiliar to the coterie. They restored the body and tomb to its previous condition and thanked the man leaving the temple in peace.

With the tablets in tow they returned to Rome and solicited the aid of their elders in the hopes of deciphering the tablets and the rituals. It turned out their ally Julia Tertia Commitor was familiar enough with the language to work on a translation.



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