The Eternal City

Matter of Horses

Milan.jpgThe Coterie left and headed north along the road. It was a largely uneventful trip on foot towards the next major city of Mediolanum. The only thing of note was a series of crucified criminals that had defied the Empire. Arriving into the city the coterie noted the presence of the Camarilla who aided in providing the information that they knew and any assistance that they could provide to the envoys of mighty Rome. It had been several nights so the coterie was rather hungry.

They had travelled by foot and at Mediolanum it was offered that they might purchase the use of horses to speed their effort at alleviating the scene at their final destination. Linius initially suggested that it would prove beneficial to ghoul the horses to augment them for their purposes. Giaus agreed that this would be quite useful. Aielith protested quite forcibly and that even if the others ghouled their horses she would not do her own and ultimately they would be forced to proceed at the pace of her all to normal horse. With much reluctance they acceded to her request.

They heard word that the legion they were seeking had been called to the scene of the front to pursue the nemesis. Little really information of the nemesis was forthcoming merely that they were ancient enemies to the Camarilla and the Julii specifically. A fearsome enemy that can take on many Propinqui at one time so necessitating the need for a full legion to deal with.
Such fearsome new led the to ride with full haste to their destination…


Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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