The Eternal City

The Coterie - Final


Aielith. How the word just fills the mouth with bile. Spider. Thief. Worm. All these things she was called and more. And she earned every one of those epitaphs. She was the only one of the coteries that was not approached as part of Linus’ grand plan. Instead it was she who sought the coterie out. She was in need of protection and this young coterie had a need, a need only she could provide.

She hailed from Hiberia and rumor had it she once had a lovely head of red. All I knew of her was a bald and hairless thing that a sane man would never have trusted. Taken prisoner from Britania to Hibernia before eventually being dragged across Europa, or perhaps it was the other way round? It matters little, what is known is she was not Roman, dumbed in the gutters without family or connection. A bereft worm in our glorious city.

Yet she was a dutiful member of the Perigrine Collegia, that august body to ensure that all had a voice that all may bring grievance before the Camarilla and a just cause would gain redress. But it never hurts to have friends, and so Aielith sought the coterie out. And offer them her skills in information and secrets.

Aielith had many friends in many places across Rome. Many of them were small fries but she was determined to weave a web of contacts and allies in veritable nest of secrets. She’d be the coterie’s underhand and ferret out the things that the coterie would need to maintain an edge against their foes.

The coterie was fully formed and had been working together for a few years but had yet to make a move. It was imperative that they work out a patron, and fortune smiled upon them with an invitation to a party…



Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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