The Eternal City

The Coterie - Part 1

Linius Scipio

I, Claudius Drusus Germanicus Maximus This-that-and-the-other who was once, and not so long ago either, known to my friends and associates as Drusus the Herald,” am now about to write this tragic history of the fall of the Eternal City starting from the height of Pax Romana when a coterie erupts into the Necropolis and continuing year by year until we reach the fateful point of change where, some eight years ago, at the end of the siege that we suddenly found ourselves caught in whirlwind of deceit and treachery.

I suppose it began during the 19th year of Marcus Aurelius Antoninnus Augustus. Yet before that I should introduce the cast that shaped events from the Necropolis. A young man of the Scipio family who were not as powerful as his Patriarch would have him and others believe. Oh to be sure they had held a Governor’s position during the days of the Republic and even now the Patriarch was a member of the Senate. Yet to call that position important would be quite laughable. Yet the Patriarch was ambitious and went about solidifying his gains and seeking to purify his lineage. The elder was groomed as was the custom of the day to be a mighty soldier in the XXX Ulpia Legion in northern Germanicus. The Eldest was everything the Patriarch wasn’t; brave, honest, and a good heart. He was a Roman cut from the days of heroes, Julius, Antony, Pompeii, and others. Tragedy that he was born at a time so rife with personal glory and ambition.

The second oldest Linius was sent to join the Navy, a commission as Tribune was secured. This occupation would tan his skin and make of his physique a sinewy hide of a sailor at sea. Yet the navies had not truly been utilized in quite some time so he was relegated to pirate duty and the seizing, cataloging, and shipment of the valuable cargo of conquest; slaves.
Woe onto poor Linius that his striking looks did catch the eye of lascivious Greek. She collected pretty things and Liniuis was certainly pretty. But as quickly as she had collected him she grew bored with him and dumbed unceremoniously in the Legio Mortuum within Rome. He still had his mortal family and now as an honored ancestor he would see to what heights he could gain to usher in his Patriarch’s grand designs.

Before he could make his moves he knew the taint that was his parentage and lacking the support of his elder brother he would need a moral compass to guide his feet. For this reason before he could make any moves for power and glory he would need an ally to watch his back and counsel him so that he would not engage in the kind of cruelty that his Patriarch displayed on a nightly basis. Additionally if he could avoid the callousness of his Sire, that would be useful too.

Fortunately he had such a source in his shield mate, Gaius Maximillian.


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