The Eternal City

The Coterie - Part 3

Dinius the Julli

Linus needed a proxy, someone he could ally and ideally influence to sponsor and promote a seat for himself on the Senux. Linus was of noble Roman stock. His Patriarch was a Senator, and ancestor had served as Governor, Linus himself had served as Tribune. His families contributions alone should have afforded a seat on the Senux. But alas his sire was a Greek, and only the Julii were granted seats by birth, all others had to earn by merit. And when you served for centuries then it took a long time to earn by merit.

Dinius was one such privileged personage. He sat in the back of the seats content to let the political play work it’s way out. Lending his support only on matters that affected his personal matters. All others he let it go this way or that as the winds of persuasion played. This uncaring attitude was galling enough but it was the simple background Dinius had that really annoyed the young Daeva.

Dinius traded in flesh, a slave trader of grand influence. He maintained the single largest trade operation in Rome against five other competitors. This was not a recent thing but a profession he held in life having carved out a significant enterprise at an early age. He had many managers but had direct interaction having not obtained the level of success in life that would allow him to disassociate from the profession. In undeath he found he no longer cared and did not bother to make pretense of higher principals.

That is all that is known of his history I am afraid. He never made mention of his human past or of his sire. While few know what it was that caught his sire’s eye, when Dinius rose to speak in the Senux all knew exactly why it was that he was embraced.

Cicero was a pale imitation in the wake of Dinius’ oratory skills. His powers of persuasion could convince the seven hills of Rome to rearrange himself. His darkened Mediterranean skin stood out in the marble white of the Senux, as he forces his will on all in attendance. All were in awe when he choose to lend himself to a cause. By Jupiter, if he had but asked I would have served under him time and time again. But that came later, for now he was patiently letting others do his work.

So crafty he was to this night it is hard to ascertain who was truly the brains behind the coterie. Both Linus and Dinius were skilled political manipulators and it was clear their alliance while hardly noticed at the time sealed the earth shattering events yet to come. Nothing overcame the coterie as long as they stood together. If one fell the coterie would soon follow.

Dinius was fortunate to know Dinius in life and had supplied much of Dinius’ ‘supplies’. The connection proved useful in cementing the alliance and the coterie was finally cemented. Dinius would bring with him a useful Vaticinator, that had officiated over all of his business transactions. Perhaps nothing more than a good luck charm, the man had something useful…true faith.

Titus, Vaticinator of Janus would provide the spiritual guidance of the coterie.


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