The Eternal City

The Coterie - Part 4


Where to begin with Titus? Once it was common that every business transaction, every important vote of the Senux, military campaign, and so on and so forth; was officiated by a member of the Cult of Augurs. It was only natural and right that each coterie have a Vaticinator to officiate and consult the will of the gods. It mattered little who your primary god of choice was, what was important was the ritual and grace granted by their wills.

Not unlike their live counterparts, many could be bribed and corruption rang rampant with the ‘good will’ up for the highest bidder. Yet, many still held true to the old ways. Many were not afraid to present news of bad omens and that things should be delayed or a different action taken. Even if the vision seen was different from the desired outcome it was hard not to admire those true in the faith.

One such true believer was Titus. A man of firm conviction is his primary belief in the order of Janus, the two headed god. Titus was clean shaven in the style of the early Empire and a more wiry man then the others of the coterie. Often contemplative he sought to lead the Cult of Augurs and preached that a Roman life was a godly life.

Dinius had been in need of a Vaticinator to oversee his business transactions. Knowing that a true believer blessing any dealings that he made, few would object to the outcome. Even better for Dinius they would see that a blessed dealing with Dinius was a blessed deal for them, that even in losing they were winning in the eyes and favors of the gods.

The coterie was now at four with two up and coming Legionaries, soldiers to defend and protect the coterie. Direct access to the Senux, and all its official actions. Now with Titus they had spiritual guidance to help direct the path. The only missing component was a means to gather and collect information.

For that the only one to seek Linus and his coterie out and not the other way around, came the spider….Aielith.



Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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