The Eternal City

The Hunt - Stryx


After the initial encounter with the Stryx the coterie rounded up support and reports to analyze the potential pattern. It became clear that the entrances of the Necropolis that had been targeted also coincided with a series of linked Aqueducts. Troops were gathered to these aqueducts to block entry and gate them up to prevent entry. As they solidified the gates, L. discovered one of the previous gates had been tampered with and would have allowed entry. He determined that Victrix had done the deed and confronted her. She claimed it was on orders from another centurion, she had assumed he wished to direct the Stryx to a certain path so they could ambush and kill it. After examining her eyes and those of the others in the file she was released. The Stryx had attempted to foil their plot but had been caught. They double checked the other grates and discovered two others had been tampered with.

The patrols were increased and guards placed at the Entrances. The game of cat and mouse increased as a few vampires had turned up dust or without memory at the edges of the necropolis in the domains of the peregrine collegia. Reviewing their actions they determined that they would need to lure the Stryx out and ambush it. If only there was a member of the Julli so disgraced that he was relegated to the Perigrine Collegia, without protection or guards. It is said at that meeting that with that suggestion all five members of the coterie smiled with viciousness as a single name escaped their collective lips, Marcus Corbollo.


Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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