The Eternal City

THe Ritual - Part 2

Gathering Ingredients


Once it was decided that children would be needed for the sacrifice D. went into action to procure through his slave empire the necessary 40. It would take some time as the number was significant in terms of quality of those to be sacrificed.

As this was being done L. and A. traveled through the catacombs and hunted for a group of Christian vampires, a group that was holding a meeting and had begun to refer to themselves as followers of the Lance and Spear. Seeing his uniform, they were initially hostile but he persuaded them he meant them no harm. He informed them of the need to protect Rome and how the danger of the enemy threatened all. He requested that they contribute by offering up seven volunteers that they considered to be of the highest of virtue. In exchange, they would not reveal the locations of their meeting and if performed in his domains they would be free to practice their beliefs.

The deal was struck and it was agreed that the seven would be found in two nights time at a stable with directions provided. This coincided with the full procurement of the children so Titus began preparing and studying the translation of the tablets to perform the ritual. When the appointed night arrived, they went to the stable and found seven newly embraced vampires chained to posts.



Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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