The Eternal City

The Ritual - Part 3



The coterie spoke to the new vampires and found that they were Christians who had been associates of those that L had spoken to. They had volunteered to be embraced to help Rome and their God but did not have any other specifics. One was chosen to speak for them and he inquired as to the particulars of how they were to save Rome, these requests were rebuffed and ignored.

L. and G. had been summoned by the Praeter and was informed that an uproar had occurred amongst the nobility of the city. Many of the children of the nobility had gone missing and for the safety of the necropolis and preservation of its future the Legio Mortumm would assist in locating the culprits of this foul deed.
Meanwhile D. was checking on the children they procured and found that his servants had been attacked and they children released. In anger he went to where they had been kept investigating the injury against him. He found that while the original slaves he had purchased were no longer there, there were still 40 children in the cages, albeit of noble clothing.

At the strange turn of events L. and G. persuaded over the reluctance and objections of the rest of the coterie to return the noble children and pursue the original children. As a precaution, they would see about procuring an additional 40 children slaves. It must have been a thin market for I recall the difficulties the rest of us had in obtaining any during those nights, forever known as the great shortage. They were unsuccessful in reacquiring the originals but were able to get what they needed to finally move forward with the ritual to save Rome.



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