The Eternal City

The Ritual - Part 4

What Price for Rome?


The night for the ritual had come and the children were placed near each of the seven hills at a temple to one of the founding gods of Rome. The Christian vampires were brought in along to act as a focul point and Titus had his ritual knife to begin the process. They arrived at the first temple and commanded the children to stay in place despite their fears. Titus approached one of the children prepared to make the ritual sacrifice and proceeded to slit one of the child’s throats pouring her blood into the chalice.

A cry of anger went out and A. showed her true visage at Titus who dropped his knife and went fleeing in the night. She quickly freed the other children encouraging them to flight. G. and L. were stunned at the turn of events and were slow to react. Then regaining their wits G. went after A. along with D. L. went and attempted to restore Titus’s wits. D. caught up with A. and demanded she go home!

Having retreated into the night and G. cursing her sudden yet inevitable betrayal, the remaining members of the coterie began to pick up the pieces and see what could be salvaged. Having lost the sacrifices, backups were produced and then they had to confront the Christian vampires. Their spokesman confronted L. demanding to know just what else was involved in the ritual and what would be required of him and his brethren. L. realizing that he needed to be honest, confessed the true nature of the ritual and that the Christian vampires merely had to be the focal point, they would not be required to kill or harm the children in any way and after that remain good and virtues for as long as their unlived remained. Reluctantly they agreed but under condition that the coterie swear to defend and protect Christians and Christian sites. The coterie so swore. With the oaths made the rituals proceeded with a few minor mishaps at the other locations but in the end, success!

The wards were enacted and proof was made that the enemy could not enter the Necropolis. The coterie had saved us, had saved Rome. A Triumph was held in their honor, accolades of the highest order were heaped upon them. Yet, it was the last we saw of A.; she disappeared that night never to be seen again and her network of information handed over to another, who was no ally of the coteries.



Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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