The Eternal City

The Tragic Death of Commodus


In the second year of Commodus reign there were disturbing rumors about how he was running the Empire. They surrounded that he had turned over much of the running of the Empire to the ministration of his freedman that he was also serving in sexual acts. This deviancy was an affront to all of we, propinqui of the Necropolis and called for Senux on how to proceed.

The coterie had it on good authority that Commodus’ sister was scheming to replace this disgraceful Emperor. Ancient tradition held that we were to leave the Emperor alone but all knew we danced and played at the Senate itself and sought to direct the grand city on its proper path. Titus was called in to perform an augury as Dinius argued that the Necropolis should do nothing and allow the fates to run its course. The augury sought that the days of Commodus were numbered and there was wisdom and the gods favor in the words of Dinius. With the gods so directing it was know to withdraw support and guidance and wait for the wheel of fate to play out.

It would be a mere few nights before Commodus seeking to challenge the accusations against his masculinity would compete in the games of the Flavian Amphitheater. He fought a good fight with a well-trained gladiator. The gladiator fought like a man possessed and filled with fury as he kept flinging himself at Commodus’ blade. In the end he fell but Commodus was wounded. All seemed well until the Emperor appeared fatigued. He sought to return to his palace and on his way would trip and impales himself on the wooden stakes nearby designed to keep animals away from the edges of the theater. He ascended in a mere few hours.

Commodus’ manservert was attacked and killed at much the same time and this action taken cast suspicion upon Commodu’s sister Crispiina. Other Generals were equally linked and servants confessed as suddenly a conspiracy against the Emperor emerged. Crispina was isolated on her ill as Generals and Senators sought to seize control as the city descended into civil war and chaos.

Who knows how long this would last if not the coterie actions in those nights


Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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