The Eternal City

Victory, Patronage, and Plots

Upon presenting their report it was confirmed that they were not in fact facing the nemesis but will o’ wisps. A supernatural creature of the barbarian lands similar to Stryx only in their ability to possess corpses. They are quite powerful and feed off dead meat, fortunately they are week to fire and a massive burn campaign would drive them if not destroy them.

They returned to Rome having fulfilled a vital duty and were inducted under patronage and protection. The board was set as with Marcus Corbollo on one side and the coterie on the other. News arrived that the Emperor has passed on campaign and Commodus would be arriving in Triumph. Dinius and Linius consulted and saw opportunity in this.

A few years were spend laying the ground work. Aielith began to spin her webs deep in the tunnels. Dinius quietly observed affairs in the Senux while Linius would move between the soldiers and see where the fault lines were. Giaus spent time working the fields of his father’s lands. He worked on vineyards and began testing varietals. It was seen at the time to be the wistful musings of a naïve ancestor but it would prove to be a potent economics asset. The genius of the coterie was already in play.

In the second year of his reign, there were rumors and disgruntlement amongst the legions and guards of the Emperor. Commodus had not pressed the fight and expanded the borders enough all the while relying on his advisors. His sister if born a man would have been a natural successor to their father, if only fate had decreed otherwise. It is unknown who had the idea first, only that Dinius and Linius had come to the same conclusion, it was time to select a new Emperor, one indebted to the coterie.



Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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