Ancient Travel

It fascinates me how much we take for granted the ease of travel today. A trip from the west coast of the US to Ireland takes a mere 13 hours (not counting layover and other delays). Yet even as recent as the 1820’s it would take a full 8 hours to travel from Nashville, TN to the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s home, something that by car only takes about an hour or so depending on traffic today. I wanted to bring that home to help with the setting so I found a site ( that gives approximate travel times for the Ancient world. The two weeks by boat from Rome to Alexandria was a real figure and I liked the challenge for my players of figuring out how to they make arrangements that keeps their vampiric nature secret.

Once they realized that they did not have enough blood points to last the journey it became a heated discussion. I only recall one player totally okay with getting staked for the duration and there was some concern on whether the active character would indeed un stake them on their arrival.

When they did arrive the active character took the other in their cabinets reserved a backroom of a inn/tavern and propped them up and opened them. Then luring in some ‘food’ the stakes were removed. All of the vampires went into immediate hunger frenzy and the place became a bloodbath with no survivors. Then as they were leaving they lit the place on fire which actually took off rather readily. Building in those days were highly flammable and those at the docks were notorious for having accelerants like oils and flammables nearby.

I recommend the Orbis site if you are running a game in an older time period as it can add a dose of realism to your game.

Ancient Travel

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