Once Rome ruled the World.

Once the Julii ruled the Night.

Once none would challenge either.
At the height of Pax Romana in the waning years of Marcus Aurelius five young vampires will make their mark. Their journeys will traverse to all corners of the Empire and many seats of power. They will become as Gods! Yet like Rome and the Camarilla, they will fall in the end.

This is their tale!

This is their Requiem!

This is Requiem for Rome!

The Coterie – Part 1
The Coterie – Part 2
The Coterie – Part 3
The Coterie – Part 4
The Coterie – Final

First Nights – Part 1
First Nights – Part 2

Matter of Horses
The Carnage of Battle
Escape from the Forest

The Tragic Death of Commodus

Trip to the Front – Part 1
Trip to the Front – Part 2

The Eternal City