The Eternal City

Grabbing at Power

how to take advatage of a screw up


The city was in flames and while the Necropolis was clam and oddly quizzical flames raged above. The worse offense and in need of the greatest attention was the fires at the granaries that provided the bread dole. Marcus Corbollo, Julia Commitor and other sprang into action securing their allies and cementing their position waiting for the winds to blow in a certain direction.

Yet, it would be the actions of the coterie that would gain attention. Ailith and Titus would seek control of the granary and minimalized the damage and quiet the rioting. Gaius and Linus would patrol and ensure those areas below the noble hills were secure and safe.
Dinius would converse and meet with those of the Julii and see what the lay of the land was. He discovered that a few legions were declaring their commanders Ceaser. As a neutral party he would work with the factions to toss the subtle support of the ancestors towards a unified candidate. In short order the coterie and worked behind the scenes and restore order and the empire had a new Emperor.

This young coterie found itself suddenly with significant prestige as kingmakers and their patronage protected them from direct opposition. Any attacks on them were quickly struck down by the wit of Dinius, the charisma of Linius, and the auguries of Titus. They were well noted as up and comers and there were already dark whisperings on how to slow their rise.

All According to plan


Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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