The Eternal City

Signs of the Times

Things had become unsteady in Rome and it was affecting the Necropolis as well. Disease was rampant affecting many parts of the city. A flood of Theban vampires had arrived seeking to make their homes in the city, many of them professing a faith in the Christian god. Dinius adjudicated fairly and ensured that the situation remained calm and orderly. Linius convinced the others of the need to guide and direct the Emperor. If they could direct him towards cementing a stable empire then they could end the current crisis.

A fire erupted along the river banks and affected the poor and diseased. Some declared it a cleansing fire what is known is that it was fought and controlled, the city did not descend into chaos and riots. In the Necropolis, there were more sinister rumors. That the ancient enemy had returned. Was it possible? Could the Necropolis be breached? Reports of sightings of plagued individuals pocking and prodding at the entrance to the Necropolis.

The coterie rallied together and with a file in tow under formal command of G. they patrolled the entrances till they found a target. The body was leprous with black boils but as it turned to face the coterie it’s eyes were bright golden yellow. They skirmished form the creature but it managed to escape jumping from body to body eluding their pursuit.



Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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