The Eternal City

Summoned to the Senate

The expert skills of Dinius


Magnus Julius Sevilitium brought the charges to bear against the coterie. They had engaged in an illegal trade war that threatened the welfare of the Emperor and the Empire and therefore they should be sentenced to death for this heinous crime. D. countered that they were merely protecting their interests and it was Marcus Corbollo who had engaged and started the whole affair. Linius and Giaus arrived with accolades from Alexandria and surely such decorated soldiers could not possibly do anything to hurt Rome. The Julli in attendance were swayed by these convincing arguments, and then Dinius feeling the momentum shift in his favor did suggest and accuse that Corbolo had acted with Magnus’s direction and if anything he was a threat to Rome. Magnus’s face twisted in fury and he lunged at his opponents. Guards intervened and subdued him, and placed him under custody. The guilt was plain for all to see, it was his own machination and not that of the coterie that was responsible for the instability. For this only the maximum penalty could be exacted, Magnus was to be placed on the “alter of black” and left to be consumed by the enemy or the sun. The coterie was given the honor to stay guard and ensure the punishment was met.

Much of Magnu’s assets were forfeited and the coterie were quick to make claim to much of them. Corbollo for his own matters was cast out of the Senux and sentenced to the Perigrine Collegia. The coterie were undisputed masters of the Necropolis at this time. Gaius and Linious were now leading and training Legionares under their care. Aylith was cementing her web of contacts and information networks. She even found a pupil, Julia Sabina to nurture and develop. Dinius improved his mercantile and slave interests while also ascending to Questar and the prestigious power of assigning feeding rights. Titus devoted himself to the gods and a reputation of unfailing auguries. It was a time of great prosperity for the coterie.



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