The Eternal City

The Carnage of Battle

Arriving at Vindobona the coterie settles in. Aielith sought out the underground contacts connecting her tendrils from the front to her home base in Rome. Dinius sought out to make an appearance to the local Senux. Doing so they clearly bowed to this representative of Rome and provided a seat of honor for this member of the Julii. Meanwhile, Giaus and Linius sought out the commander of the Legio Mortuum in Vindobona. They met with Cornielia Bellator, a Primarch for the front and to the their surprise revealed that she commanded three legions, and had lost two out across the river.

She provide details that rumors of the nemesis existed and lent themselves to provide a fierce front and attempt to prevent them from coming into the Empire. Two legions had gone out with the armies of the Emperor, they were feasting from the dead of the mighty battle but were wiped out by an unknown presence. Tales of the dead walking and other odd cases contributed to their fears of the opponent. Having lost so much already they wanted the coterie to cross the river and gather clues as a smaller force to determine the nature and number of their enemy.

The coterie crossed the river however reluctantly. They found the major battle with the corpses of Roman soldiers and Barbarians littered on the fields. They found piles of ash and other clues indicating where the legionaries had fallen. Additionally, they found corpses had moved and upon closer examination had risen and slumped off to the north, deeper into the woods.

They carefully follow the trail with Titus and Aielith in front. They come up to a small village. They can smell the carnage, the villagers have been slaughtered much earlier. The eerie silence makes the coterie cautious. Titus and Aielith sneak closer to get a better look. Coming around a house they see a patch in the middle of the village. Is the middle there is a young woman survivor bent over the body of another dead body. Titus uses is unnatural sight to get a better look and realizes that the girl is eating the innards of the dead body. He stumbles back in horror, as this is beyond his experience. A twig snaps and the girls lifts her head and in the stillness of the night calls out, “Fratele Meu? Is that you?”. She looks in the direction of the Titus and Aielith and her eyes reflect an unnatural green in the night…



Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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