The Eternal City

The Coterie - Part 2


Giaus Maximillion was embraced on the fields of Germania. His barbarian sire likely intended for him to be driven by his feral blood to rebel against the Necropolis and it’s Julli masters. Instead a loyal member of the legions was embraced that night. For Gaius was of Italain stock and was loyal to Rome through and through.

His family were landed individuals having inherited their lands during the Punic wars. While not being of great influence they had cultivated many grape fields and had begun to present notable vintages of wine to the citizens of Rome. His father had always stressed simple living and classic Roman virtues. His appointment to Centurion status would provide the finances for the next generation to improve and expand their wine production. So it was that young Giaus found himself in Germania on campaign to push back the Barbarians and conquer more territory for the glory of Rome.

Gaius would fall in within the Legio Mortuum a natural fit for a soldier and sought to in undeath to take on those same duties he had held in life. He was committed to maintain those virtues his father aspired and kept a close eye on his holdings and his family. In those early nights it was by his voice of reason and counsel that would lead the coterie on more moderate and moral actions. He would often advocate mercy and justice over petty revenge.

His was a natural countenance with which Linus could aspire to. A moral compass as it were to guide his actions on his path of ambition. Ensuring that Gaius was in the same squad as Linus, Linus cultivated a friendship and comradery ensuring that the noble Gaius would cover his back for all time.

With his compass in hand, it was time for Linus to work out a path to as seat on the Senux that he felt was his by birthright. Fickle that fate was it was denied to him by the blood of his sire. He would be faced with a long arduous campaign for a seat unless he could ally with a patron that could sponsor his ascent.

He believed he had found such a willing dupe in Dinius…


Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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