The Eternal City

The Death of Marcus Corbollo

Vengenace achieved


D. and A. spread word amongst their allies and contacts that a Julii is vulnerable and to pass word out in the hopes the Stryx would catch wind and seek Marcus Corbollo out. After several nights the coterie placed themselves in position to watch over him and have guards to drive him to a nearby exit and out into the open. One night he was coming home nervous and fearful as if he was being stalked. A. hid in a nearby tunnel that gave her full view of him and the exit. Then she felt a cold breeze past her as she watched a mercenary emerge his fangs bared and eyes wide as he hissed “Julliiiiiii, Marcus of the Juliiiii”

With this Marcus moved to flee down the tunnels but G and L emerged to block his escape. With no other choice he turned and raced out of the Necropolis, with the Stryx in pursuit. The coterie and their file pursued and attacked the Stryx. Many of the guards fell before the Stryx seemed to go down with Marcus screaming for a nearby alcove.

A black smoke emerged from the mercenaries mouth and flew and poured itself into Marcus. He then turned on the coterie with his yellow eyes. L. and G. led the fight only to have the Stryx summon assistance raising the dead guards to engage the others of the coterie. The fight turned in the coteries favor once again but they were unsure how to prevent the Stryx from escaping again. Then the Stryx summoned G’s wife, L family, Brockus who all approached and sought to attack the coterie. They were clearly under control as their eyes lacked the yellow color of Stryx possession. Finally in an act of desperation L. or G. plunged a lit torch down Marcus’s mouth. It howled in pain as they proceeded to turn him to ash with their torches. Once that occurred whatever foul power possessing the ghouls of the other coterie mates was released.

They returned to the Necropolis as heroes with increased prestige for having defeated the enemy. They spread the word that the Stryx were vulnerable to fire. Yet they did not sit on their laurels and instead began to wonder how they could restore the wards and protections to the Necropolis and Rome itself. For surely there would be more that would return and threaten Rome.



Light_Yagami Light_Yagami

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