Thats the plan

The players were anxious to get out of their patron arrangement and wanted to make a power grab. They thought the best way to do this was to ensure their collective human power base had close access to the Emperor. The setting has it where vampires are supposed to leave the Emperor alone. The thinking was if you have your fingers already in the pot then whose going to complain.

The backdrop was the real world events of the early conspiracy attempts to remove Commodus from power. The players latched on to this and began an overly complicated plot to eliminate potential threats, ensure Commodus was killed, and set up his sister and loyal family on the throne.

There were so many moving parts that I did a few roles to see how well once daylight occurred things happened. It led to things like the gladiator meant to kill the Emperor with a poisoned blade refused to do so and kept trying to get himself killed without looking like it. The Emperor is unable to walk away unscathed due to a dramatically athletic check failure. There was massive finger pointing by the conspirators. It was a massive screw up that got the objective desired but no where close to how they wanted it to happen.

Undaunted they picked up the pieces to take advantage of the situation looked good and could not be pinned for getting the Emperor killed. However, the pic above was my reaction during much of the planning stages.

Thats the plan

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