Omens and Prophecy

A big part of ancient Roman history and myth are the roles of prophecy and omens. It was as much a cultural thing as a spiritual thing. Even those that lacked any kind of real faith still went through the motions of making prayers, offering sacrifices to the gods both big and small. If things were going well you gave thanks, and if things were going bad you offered up more.

To help with that when the player who played Titus said he wanted to play a Cult of Auguer I thought it a great idea to incorporate this element of Roman society and weave it into our stories. To do that whenever the coterie wanted to see “do the gods favor us” I would call for a Religion roll. I would then give the results of the augury, a reading of the fates, in vague symbolic terms and leave it up to the players to interpret the reading.

If the reading was more public and the augury was successful I would make the reading more obvious and have those in attendance respond appropriately. The same was true for failures. When it was more private and the group was trying to determine how to proceed I kept things more cryptic but seeded clues in successful readings. When unsuccessful I kept things extremely muddled and less clear.

I am pleased how things went, it allowed the character to really shine and develop in a unique way to the party group. As things went along it added to the character and how others received them. It also set up a natural conflict with the rise of Christianity.

Omens and Prophecy

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