The Coterie

The original cast for our coterie was as follows.

  • Linus – A Daeva member of the Legio Mortuum
  • Gaius – A Gangrel member of the Legio Mortuum
  • Dinius – A Julli and member of the Senux
  • Titus – A Mekhet Cult of Augur
  • Aeilith – A Nosferatu, Peregrine Collegia

Without prompting from me everyone picked a unique clan, which I thought was awesome. I thought it was also fitting that no one was joining the nascent Lancea et Sanctum. It helped the coterie gel and come together as a genuine cohesive group looking out for each other.

I also requested as a unique idea that each player present me with three goals, an Immediate or Short Term goal, a medium goal to accomplish in a couple of sessions ideally, and a long term goal.

The Coterie

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